Debbe Sussman, Art and Creative Consultant, Art Creates, Las Vegas, Nevada – May 2014

“Both these bodies of paintings (Colors, Shapes & Movement and In The Back Yard collection series) show a maturity in Jacob’s work while still allowing the mystery behind their creation to catch the viewer off guard. He continues to explore his chosen medium by using state-of-the-art software and the “eye” of his camera lens. By mixing intelligence with creativity, Arthur Jacob has produced something beautiful.”

Tim Broughton, Gallery ArtLA, Santa Monica, CA – 2012

“Since his retirement in 2000. Arthur has dedicated his time to his craft, evolving, learning, experimenting and exploring the possibilities that the camera and computer avail to him. The results are astonishingly detailed works that exploit color and imagery in an intelligent and beautiful way, resulting in pieces that are both joyous and intriguing, graceful and potent, and possess such a popular appeal that it is almost impossible to imagine a wall that they would not beautify.”

Becky Najafi, De Atelier Design Group, featured designer in Luxury Magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada, April, 2011 and one of several designers featured in Dream Homes Desert: A showcase of the Finest Architects, Designers & Builders in Las Vegas, Palm Springs & New Mexico, 2007, published by Panache. – 2015

“Arthur Jacob’s work is inspiring, refreshing, intriguing and a delicious experience for all the senses. The bold colors and movements in his pieces are exciting and jubilant. By the use of his subject matter and unique interpretation of them, the viewer is literally drawn into it’s magic! As an interior designer, I love to use Arthur Jacob’s works to put the finishing touch to a specific space!”

Renee Phillips, Founder and Director, Editor-Chief, Manhattan Arts International – 2015

“Arthur Jacob is an extremely versatile and talented digital artist and photographer. His work first came to my attention as the Director of the Manhattan Arts International online gallery and our panel of jurors subsequently invited him to exhibit his work on our website. We received many positive comments about his work and new followers. Since then his creativity and innovation have continued to expand. It has been a pleasure to watch him make greater contributions to the contemporary world of digital art.”

Ed McCormack, Managing Editor, Gallery & Studio Magazine, New York, NY Sept./Oct., 2006

“Arthur Jacob tests the limits of photography, deconstructing reality in swirling patterns and a spectrum of glowing colors that render the known world mysteriously new.”