My work seems to be inspired by many different things, but I have generally focused on:


Abstracts have always invited me, as an artist, to use my own personal perceptions, when viewing them. My photographic abstractions are the result of taking a photographic image and then through digital manipulation, creating an abstract view of the actual image that focuses on it’s colors, boldness, movement and shapes  

Florals & Floral Abstracts

With their colors, both bold and subtle, and movement, these images continually stimulate my visual imagination. Until recently, my work with this plant-based subject matter emphasized color, movement and shapes. Lines could be either diffuse or well defined, depending upon my feelings and attitude at the time. Some of my newer work, however, explores a softer point of view. In a different manner, I achieve texture through a more painterly approach and softer image processing techniques.  


This is a series that I have just started to develop in the last 12 months. The images in this collector series hopefully does not only show my expertise in executing techniques but also in visually portraying emotions.  

Blossoms On Black

This collection series is very appealing to me. The contrast between color and black produces a very striking and powerful image.  

Prints of images in these 4 series can be purchased by going to the PURCHASE page on this site.