About My Work  

When people ask me about my work I like to share with them that my canvas begins as a photograph and the mouse is my brush. From that point on, my creative focus is not on the actual identity of the photograph; but rather, through digital manipulation, the focus becomes exploring the shapes, colors and the movement hidden in the photograph.


A Gallery of Fine Art Photographs

for your personal collection or interior design

Becky Najafi, De Atelier Design Group, featured designer in Luxury Magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada, April, 2015
“Arthur Jacob’s work is inspiring, refreshing, intriguing and a delicious experience for all the senses. The bold colors and movements in his pieces are exciting and jubilant. By the use of his subject matter and unique interpretation of them, the viewer is literally drawn into it’s magic! As an interior designer, I love to use Arthur Jacob’s works to put the finishing touch to a specific space!”